Investment Management

You’ve work hard to accumulate assets. Our investment management service uses a fiduciary approach for the stewardship of your assets. We will manage your investments in the context of your financial plan. We adhere to the following practices to help you grow, protect, and maximize your assets. 

Asset Allocation

We construct your portfolio with a mix of mutual funds and ETFs investments. We will provide advice on the initial investment mix and regularly update the allocation as you get closer to withdrawing funds from your portfolio.  

Asset location

Location matters. The types of accounts you invest in will make a difference on the amount of earnings you keep and the amount you pay in taxes. We will advise you which accounts to set up and fund based on your goals and intended use.


We use the risk management technique of diversification. We will ensure your overall portfolio is properly diversified across asset classes, asset types and account types.   

Tax Efficient Investing

The decisions you make today will have a tax impact today and tomorrow. The advice we give will always balance the immediate and future tax implications of your investment portfolio.  

Systematic Rebalancing

Your asset allocation is the largest risk determining factor of your portfolio. We will regularly rebalance your portfolio to ensure the risks you are taking are in-line with your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals.